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What should I wear for my portrait photo shooting?

Is one of the most frequent question that I receive and I decided to give you a small brief.

It depends of the circumstances: weather, season, location, if is a group shooting or as a single person etc.

We do hilly recommend in any of the case to keep it simple, as we don’t want to focus on the outfits but the person. Too much makeup or too many bright colors wouldn’t be recommended as what we would like to achieve are smooth and clean portraits.

Either you are a group or just a single person we suggest to wear natural colors as: beige, whites, browns, grays etc. and small accessories as scarves and hats.

For children it is worth to wear clothes in which they are looking a bit different from the usual look: simple blouses, without any inscription or emblems, are recommended. For siblings the outfit it should match or have something in common like the same colors or same patterns of the clothes.

We also would like to keep in mind that this rules may not apply at all the time, as you might want to achieve something different. A small chat with your photographer before the shooting it always be a good idea as you can discuss about your expectations and achievements and he or she can advice you for both satisfaction.


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